Lentil Burgers


Combine in a bowl:

1 egg


2 c cooked lentils


1/2 c cracker crumbs


1 small onion, minced (I cooked mine up first… not a big fan of raw onion in patty)


Tomato juice (while I did buy tomato juice, I had some canned tomato soup left over from the Colorado Pie recipe that I used up instead)


and salt and pepper.  Mix all ingredients together


using just enough tomato juice to hold mixture in shape when pattied.


Fry like hamburgers in small amount of hot oil, shortening or bacon fat.


and, wa-la!!



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LaurelLeafLentil Burgers

6 Comments on “Lentil Burgers”

  1. Kele

    You can absolutely be vegan on a budget! Dried beans, legumes, and grains, and a mix of frozen and fresh, in-season veggies, opens up a huge wealth of meal planning possibilities.

    Boca Crumbles are vegan, but they’re expensive! And TVP has always sketched me out a little because it’s SO heavily processed. I like to make my own ground beef substitute from lentils. We use it most often in tacos, but I’ve used it to make pasta with ‘meat’ sauce and a ‘meaty’ chili, so I think it would work great in the Colorado Pie. I have the recipe up here, if you’d like to check it out: http://veganfoodies.org/2013/09/07/lentil-tacos/

  2. Steve

    I’m wondering how to convert this and other recipes to fit a vegan diet. I’ve found it actually harder to cut costs being vegan, with all its fresh vegetable requirements. Any suggestions for how a vegan can budget this strictly?

    1. LaurelLeaf

      Steve, thanks for reading. For baking recipes that call for an egg, you can substitute it with a flax egg. Here’s a recipe: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/flaxseed-egg-substitute.html For vegan fat, I really like Earth Balance or coconut oil. For meat in the colorado pie, I think the frozen “ground beef” like Boca, in the frozen section (if it’s vegan and not vegetarian… check the label) or some TVP found in the dry bins would sub. I hear you on how the vegan cookbooks can hike up the price, irregardless of claims to the contrary. I think that stage of “building a vegan kitchen” where I purchased whole tubs of Earth Balance so that I could have 2 T for a recipe, or an entire bottle of Sherry Vinegar to get a tsp felt like a lot of $ up front. So often, I could find an ingredient (ie 1/4 c nutritional yeast flakes) in the dry section, and avoid buying an entire container. As for veggies… what’s in season? Greens are here, so I go heavy on my purchase of leafy greens- both frozen and fresh, and that’s MUCH cheaper than buying tomatoes in January. I’d ask your Healthy Eating Specialist to look at the recipe with you, and see if there are some more affordable veggies that you could substitute this time of year. Recipes are just starting off points, right? Rice, and DRY beans as a staple can make for a VERY low grocery bill. Have you seen the video on an earlier post about saving as a vegan shopper? Tons of awesome ideas. Thanks so much for reading!

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