Seven Gallons of Water for $2.80

I don’t recall the precise moment that I realized I could refill gallon jugs of water at Whole Foods Market


 for 40 cents after tax.


Almost every time I do stand there with my 7 or so empty gallon containers, I meet a different older, very healthy, seemingly wealthy older woman.  Well, I guess I must be on to something.  If I’m going to emulate anyone in this effort to obtain physical and financial health- they seem a better candidate than my 30 something friends with credit cards!  I like to hear the stories with anecdotes like, “My son, the professor, comes here to refill his water bottles.  If it’s good enough for HIS children, I know it’s only the best of the best!”


My husband made this very short, rather entertaining film of our most recent stop at the water cooler:

While we don’t mind our tap water for swallowing a vitamin, or that sort of thing, we find drinking large quantities of it to be unpleasant.  I honestly don’t know anywhere else in the city where we can purchase 7 gallons of lovely drinking water for $2.80.


Money well spent!

Hope that you’re having a lovely week!  I have begun to compile the inventory in our kitchen, as I mentioned in the last post- and have been Instagraming #projecteatyourkitchen at @thewholefamilyonabudget , and invite you to join us.

I’ll describe it in more detail the next time I check in.  Until then, be well and do stay hydrated!!!


The Allen Family

LaurelLeafSeven Gallons of Water for $2.80

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