28 Day Engine 2 Challenge!

 Our relationship with Whole Foods Market actually started on the night that Rip Esselstyn, author of Engine 2 Diet & My Beef With Meat, came to town to talk Plants.




and I


listened with enthusiasm.  We were in the middle of compiling footage for our documentary about the Boston Marathon:

Our original plot line was about us


going from overweight recent finishers of a very slow half marathon to world class athletes that qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Interesting, right?  The local Boston Marathon group, and their coach (plus personal trainers, a physician, vegan registered dietician and endocrinologist) came alongside us and held us to our goal, while we simultaneously filmed their stories to weave into our own.


We traveled to Boston with the runnahs and coach in 2012, and spent the rest of 2012 cycling through food plans, working out 1-3 hours a day, sometimes twice a day,



doing our bet to set an example of physical health for the littlest rabbit as we went.



When we met Rip,


and asked him to sign our new book,


we had no idea that the event that took place at the 2013 Boston Marathon would reshape the purpose of our film. Or revive it, really.  It became evident that the film we were meant to make was about those runners, about what Boston means to them, and a way for them to further seek closure and healing in light of what they had just lived through.  Here’s an article about the film, and the story of how our unfurling dream never seemed to be the story we were meant to tell to begin with.

When I heard about the call for bloggers to take on the 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge and write about it, the only thought I had was, “Pick us!  Pick us!”  I didn’t really stop to consider the potential health benefits, and I certainly didn’t think that it would be a ticket down memory lane.  In fact, a part of me would rather not sit back and consider these health benefits.  Knowing what we know about how veganism can reverse diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease… how eating the American diet will likely lead to these American diseases… knowing that all of the “wah wah wah” about protein is bogus… there’s a certain haunting sense of “Now that we know we are responsible.”  

I could still stand to lose some weight.  In fact, I would LOVE to lose some weight!  So— if this 28 days is a giant step towards the new beginning of that- hooray!  And, if I don’t lose any… it’ll still be an exciting challenge, and SURELY some health benefits will come from it.  Hopefully, some clarity about the second step will surface as well.

And so the new journey begins.  Check in on Thursdays for updates of this journey, and please do consider jumping on in and joining me!  The more the merrier.

Hope, powerful hope.

This just in: Anwar’s doing it with me!  Hooo-rayyy!!  

Of course, I will do this in the most affordable possible way- so let’s see what the next 28 days hold!

PS If you’d like to get in on the nitty gritty, meal to meal aspect of this project, in addition to the Thursday blog, follow the instagram @thewholefamilyonabudget  And, message me, so I can follow you back.  Love that there’s a National challenge going on right this second!

LaurelLeaf28 Day Engine 2 Challenge!

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