Rethinking Farmed Salmon & Recipes For the Grill!


At the playground with some moms after school yesterday, I realized that I was not the only one confused about salmon.  One of them asked, “You’re writing about farmed salmon?  But I thought that was the scary salmon, and the ocean salmon was the good salmon? … Or, is it the other way around?”  I love the kindergarten moms (and some dads) line that waits outside the classroom.  I’ll miss them terribly.  More times than not, conversations circle back to the kitchen. And why is that?  Because we love our kids.  Because we have to live with our kids!  If there’s any possibility that gluten really can effect behavior, my goodness, let’s tell each other!  I learn how to dredge zucchini in almond flour, how to make spaghetti squash more palatable, how to prepare artisan bread in 5 minutes, why paleo works for one mom and vegan for another, how a year without sugar changed a family, and… how money’s tight- so it’s just hard to know what to buy.  I have a feeling that our voices represent the voices of many.

I’m going to break down everything I know about this salmon fiasco the way I would when I have that butterfly backpack over my arm, waiting for class to let out.


Basically, the salmon farms, like the cattle, chicken, and pig farms, have been caught partaking in some vile practices.  A filthy, inexcusably crowded environment, chemically processed feed full of ground up mercury ridden fish parts & dyes, and a tremendous amount of harmful pollution to the wild fish and environment nearby.  Sound like a lot of the concerns that we have for farm animals?  I think its a reason moms choose Whole Foods Market.  Compassion for the treatment of all living creatures, and for the environment that we share tugs at our maternal heart strings.  You may have seen this symbol


while perusing the fish counter at your local WFM.  When you see it, remember that it represents a commitment to ensure that the seafood meets the same, rigorous quality standards as the meat and poultry, and that a third party has verified that these standards are maintained.  So, rest easy knowing that this Omega 3 super food that feeds little brains came from fish that had lots of space in their clean water to swim around in, and were fed elite, all natural ingredients.  Any time of year, you can count on finding consistently high quality protein farmed by environmentally responsible leaders in the aquaculture industry.

For less than $10, this fillet complimented the grilled asparagus and whipped rosemary & coconut potatoes beautifully for tonights meal!


We picked up one of Outdoor Gourmet’s maple planks to add a nice smokey dimension,


and followed one of the three recipes that we received from the Whole Family On a Budget Instagram community. Thank you, Leslie of Fab Food Fit!  We had all of the ingredients on hand to try yours!


Leslie’s Salmon:

“Paprika, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of honey when it’s done!  So good!”

We soaked the plank for at least two hours, as the directions suggest, and then grilled for 15 minutes, until the salmon started to flake apart.  We had some local, raw honey (it’s allergy season- we buy this every year!) on hand to drizzle over top!

The organic spring asparagus was brushed with grape seed oil before grilling on each side, and the potatoes were whipped with coconut milk, coconut oil and pink Himalayan sea salt!  

Two other recipes from our Instagram friends:

Mrs. Havard’s Salmon:

“In foil; minimal olive oil to prevent sticking, sea salt, dill.  1/2 fresh lemon juice topped with lemon slices.  BBQ on indirect heat for 10 ish minutes and voila!”

Elias Moges’ Salmon:

“Tequila lime rubbed salmon on a hickory cedar plank grilled for 15 minutes and a little fresh lime is my easy favorite recipe!  You can never go wrong with a little tequila and Lime…”

What are YOUR favorite ways to grill up salmon?

Have a marvelous week!

LaurelLeafRethinking Farmed Salmon & Recipes For the Grill!

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