Purposefully Going to Whole Foods Market While Traveling!





am at my best


at the sea.


We live in a mountainous region, and I love our college “city”.  I have been known to say that the only thing missing from Charlottesville, VA is the ocean.  Whenever I leave for any length of time, I practically kiss the the ground of the beauty lovin’, kombucha drinkin’, live music supporting, chef celebrating, community valuing, book reading and writing, football and basketball lovin’, garden embracing, horse farm, vineyard, and orchard sprawling land that I get to call home.  Even with this general contentment, every 60 days or so, irregardless of the weather forecast,


I get this super restless discomfort with being landlocked.  “I’m going to the ocean” has been said more than once at 7 am without any warning.  “I’ll be back by 8 tonight.”  Since it’s 3 hours away, I remain the only person that I personally know that considers that a reasonable day trip.


My family


gets me.  If he can, Anwar will pack a bag, book a room (in January, let me tell you what… oceanfront on a budget!)


and get into the spirit of it all.


He’s a good guy.  (Those riders look cold, no?)  One thing that we have learned, on season or off, is that an excellent way to spend $100 in one day is to eat 3 modest meals in restaurants.  I love eating out when we go.  Once.  After that, I’m like- “Okay, I came to be by the ocean, not go broke sitting inside of a room.  Where is the grocery store?”  With 350 stores around the country,


we make it a priority to fill some grocery bags at a nearby Whole Foods Market to carry to our room (or direct beach front- more common during the hot summer months for this budget conscious, “No, thank you, we’d rather not spend $400 on your oceanfront hotel room” sea loving family).  Though in a different scene,


we find the same great food, at the same great value.


Stuff that we might spend an astronomically marked up price for on the boardwalk,







we can purchase and enjoy (much more, I might add) while staying on a reasonable budget.  Our capacity to do this makes it possible for us to go as frequently as we do.  The person sitting next to us on the oceanfront might find themselves in a bit of pain as they shell out the Benjamins day after day.  We learned this lesson because we went in blind the first time.  We didn’t realize that 5 minutes away, real people funded their real every day lives… we didn’t have to pay $13 for a salad.  “How can we, as a young family, enjoy traveling while staying within our means?”  And that question lead to us becoming familiar with the “find a Whole Foods Near You” function on the Whole Foods Market Website!  You see, because of the thoughtful offerings,


and absolutely delicious selections, we don’t feel deprived.  Actually, we get kind of excited!


I love the nautical theme by the sea,





as it still gives that peaceful (adorable) seaside feel that we tourists so love!  It’s also cool to come upon innovative wallet friendly selections that one store has, that another one might not.  A few weeks ago, my grandma, daughter and I arrived during the Meatless Mondays $8/plate salad and hot bar deal!  Uhm, score!


Oh, my-lanta, I would love to eat that again right this second!  After each of us selected our preferences,


(I stuck that quinoa stuffed red pepper onto Samaria’s plate.  No, our 6 year old


did not pick that next to her mac and cheese!), we took our seats for some family time


in this relaxing set apart seating area


after a long, relaxing day at the beach.  5 minutes from the boardwalk, it was a gift to re-fuel, meet some new, massively kind team members



and observe that CVille isn’t the only place with athletes happily communing outside the store after a workout.


Fact is, healthy choices promote healthy choices!


And, it’s really nice to have a place that nurtures that personal priority.  Just because we’re on vacation, doesn’t mean we have to throw it all away.  Shopping on site keeps the “what will we eat when we get there?” fun in the mix!

Yes, yes.

Until the next adventure…

Have a delicious and nutritious week!

The Allen Family

Anwar AllenPurposefully Going to Whole Foods Market While Traveling!

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