$9.99 All Butter Apple Pi This 3.1415


Pi Day is coming up this March 14, 2015!  And what makes this 3.14 day particularly exciting (as pointed out by our pal, John Dimeo, who will be turning 30!  Happy Birthday, John!), is that the two digits that follow “14” are “15”!  2015 gives us even MORE of a reason to celebrate another holiday.  Aren’t you thankful for Holidays?  “Today, just because it’s totally socially acceptable, I will wear all green and have shamrocks bobbing on springs above my head alongside the rest of the goofy masses.”  They really spice life up a bit.  So, here’s to adding one more tradition to your life!  Eat Pie on Pi Day!  You’ll feel a little smarter- getting your nerd side on!

Whole Foods Market will have their all butter apple pie that you see the lovely Tabatha modeling below on sale for $9.99 (it would cost MORE to make it from scratch!) this Saturday, 3.14.15!


Our family thought that the only decent thing to do would be to purchase one at the retail cost of $16.99 to make sure they were worth stopping by on Saturday for.


Sacrifices, sacrifices.  😉


My husband had a slice for breakfast


which was too much for our home-for-spring-break 7 year old to bear.


It got a little intense.


When he did decide maybe this wasn’t the best pre-football fuel, he agreed to let her have a little.  She started with a fork,


and then decided, maybe she shouldn’t take any chances on him changing his mind!


One of those moments where I’m not sure if I should put the camera down and emphasize the importance of table manners, or…

Happy Pi Day From Our Family To Yours!

The Allens

Anwar Allen$9.99 All Butter Apple Pi This 3.1415

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