Two Hot, 4 Topping Pizzas For $20 Anytime You Want!


You know that feeling when you open the refrigerator door and think, “I wonder what’s in here…”  Wouldn’t it be nice to find this?


Full pizzas with up to four toppings run for $17.00 at Whole Foods Market, which is actually a very competitive price for fresh made, dough tossed in shop pizza with excellent ingredients.


You can also buy a slice for $3.99.  If you were to pay that per slice, for an entire pizza, you’d pay nearly $32 instead of $17 for one of these beauties.



OR… you could get two pizzas (valued between $34 and $64) for $20, any day of the week!  Because there can be quite a wait, especially around dinner time, you can actually call ahead.  So, if it’s Saturday, and you’re thinking, “What can I serve for Sunday Lunch?” you can actually call that very moment and place your order to be ready when you’re planning to be in the area.  Or, “What can I get my family for dinner tonight?”  Call then.  Last night, there was only a 15 minute wait time.  It really depends.  I order up to four of these toppings:


for each pie.  Thank the very gifted Jasmine,


or whichever kind soul took the time to make our food delicious and beautiful,


& if we have time, sit down and enjoy a slice right in the store.


It feels good to know that if our little girl is going to have pizza for dinner, it does not have weird hormones, additives, or other non-food “ingredients” added to it.  It’s food.  And, I feel good about that.

I also enjoy the popularity that happens in our home whenever I show up with those boxes!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenTwo Hot, 4 Topping Pizzas For $20 Anytime You Want!

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