Load Up That Mac & Cheese, Kids! It’s $8/Plate Meatless Monday!


The $8 Meatless Monday Hot Bar Plate is new to the Charlottesville Whole Foods Market!


I had written about it in this post about it in this VA Beach post: Purposefully Going to Whole Foods Market While Traveling, and find this new addition to the value concept an exciting one!  Samaria, who loves the mac and cheese at the hot bar,


is pretty beside herself with this news as well.  At $8.99/lb, I set very clear boundaries with the bars.  For instance, “You may have a container of spring mix lettuce and 2 T of mac and cheese!”  So, this kind of blew her mind…


Every Monday, you can pick up one of these plates (you won’t get the deal if you don’t use one of these plates):


and choose from the likes of Vegetable Medley,


Cheese & Jalepeno Grits,


Creamy Spinach,


Strawberry Crisp,


Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash,


Herb Roasted Potatoes,


Miso Tofu with Bok Choy,


Blueberry Wontons,


Steamed Broccolli,


Vegetable Paella,


Portabella Steaks with Roasted Garlic Chimichurri,


Lemon Roasted Carrots,


& Green Beans!


Options vary from Monday to Monday, but you get the idea!  Do you ever have just a twinge of anxiety at this point in check out?


Any day but Meatless Monday, this would have come to $35.47!


That’s about a $20 savings!!!  And, an excuse to join this girl that I love


for a little just mommy and me time, while I enjoy this gorgeous plate of so many of my favorites.


The Butternut Squash and Herbed Potatoes are high on my list as favs, and even though they’re relatively cheap ingredients, they’re heavy!  So this was a nice treat!  Samaria ate half of her plate, and now has leftover mac & cheese to look forward to heating up and enjoying at school lunch time.  If I had multiple children, I obviously could have fed multiple tummies with all of that food.  That pause for a snack or meal together between traffic, parking, unloading and getting the shopping done makes ALL the difference in terms of serenity vs. potential chaos.  I mean, I am a lot happier myself after some yummy food and rest to look at her little face.  If we pause to eat first, the “Mommy, can I buy _____” goes down exponentially as well.

The entire seating area was filled with moms & babes, so I have a feeling that this will be really great news to many of my fellow mommas that set aside these times to bond with their babies, resting in the peace that you’re both getting nourished with whole, thoughtfully prepared, foods.

On a final note: to all of you Gorgeous Moms at Whole Foods Market.  I see you with your 4 kids, huge basket full of groceries, and an all to often defeated look on your beautiful faces.  It’s not easy to feed a family well, while making sure they don’t get hit by a car, pull down a display, wander off, have a meltdown, fight with each other, and/or touch everything in sight.  Or, if you’re like me with just one, it’s not easy to be the one person that wee gift has to talk to while you simultaneously trying to make decisions on how to economically feed your family well.  I would just like to take a moment to say, “YOU ARE AMAZING!  YOU are doing SUCH an awesome and important job!  Your work is of GREAT value!  Well done!”  I really hope that some of these tips, ideas, and insights equip you to push forward in your efforts to nourish you & and your loved ones in a way that simultaneously builds your family financially.  You’re doing it!  And though you may not hear it often enough, your work is of great worth!  You’re pouring your gifts and talents into the building of our future!  Well done, Super Mom, well done!

With So Much Love,

Laura Brooke Allen

Anwar AllenLoad Up That Mac & Cheese, Kids! It’s $8/Plate Meatless Monday!

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