Are You A Whole Foods Market Foodie?

These $2.50 Kombuchas all week have meant one a day for me!


In the spirit of Virginia Woolf’s famous words, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” I re-entered the store, ready to unfold for you what this sign means:


Thanks to Kathleen,


I located the WFM Foodie display, and got introduced to this very cool new concept.  I haven’t checked on Instagram, but I bet #WFMFoodie is going to take off as an often used hashtag.  Are you a WFM Foodie?  Ask yourself these questions to find out:


Whole Foods Market will choose products that might appeal to those that identify with, or value, these words/concepts:


and regularly rotate them out to keep it exciting!  It makes me think of the “Staff Pick” sticker that I always looked for at this little bookstore growing up.  One of the cool parts of shopping at Whole Foods Market is the incredible variety, and this will let us #WFMFoodies out there have something to look forward to.  And the prices are varied:

IMG_5266 IMG_5264 IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5293

So, WFM Foodie doesn’t mean expensive, it means adventurous!  I looked at the ingredients of the spaghetti, and it’s literally water + bean.  Isn’t that cool and a little mind blowing?

I love this packaging on this olive oil.


I encourage you to pause when you see this logo,


and perhaps take a gander at trying a new product!  Jazz things up a little!

Have A Glorious Week!

The Allen Family

Anwar AllenAre You A Whole Foods Market Foodie?

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