Moms, You Are So Important.


I have written and deleted five sentences at least five times, and so now I’m just going to give up and write from my heart.  Unscripted.  Unedited.

This is my last blog post.

As I type those words, I have both this sense of relief (ugh… why did I just agree to that first sentence?) and sadness.  I grew up so much with this blog.  I grew in voice and confidence.  I think the fact that I had something that I had to do every week… and did it… amazed me.  I married right out of undergrad and became a mom very soon after that, so I just never had those years to use any of the gifts or talents that I’d nurtured in college.

And this blog… well, I was allowed to be exactly who I was.  A mom with an English degree who decided to stay home, even if it meant living on a lean budget.  How does a young family afford to shop at Whole Foods Market?  I answered that question every week in one way or another.

Kristen, who does a phenomenal job of illustrating how-to do that in this film my husband made,

gave me a lot of grace.  She saw my gifts, and helped me to get structured and meet deadlines.  I’m really grateful to her for that.

My life has changed.  A LOOOOOOOOOOT.  While our girl is at school, I’m with my husband growing our brand new, just born in July of 2014 toddler of a business.  We just got INTO Whole Foods Market as a vendor— got into 7 stores in one week— and… well… that pretty much changed our life.  I’ve got A LOT of Scottish Shortbread to bake and sell and bake and sell and bake and sell.

My kitchen apron now has flour kind of permanently covering it- no matter how many times it runs through the wash.  My spices at home haven’t been alphabetized in so long… and I haven’t even noticed because… I haven’t really cooked anything that requires a spice blend.  Honestly, in my five year plan, I picture myself back in home life.  Maybe not 100% totally in home life, but, at least 80%.  I love making a home.  I love being a mommy and a wife.  My heart is actually there.  And while it’s sort of counterintuitive, we are baking our way back there again.  Resetting in anticipation for that next chapter.  Right now, I’m ALL IN with our business.  And… it’s kind of intoxicating to work with my husband and dream together and then watch it grow.  Like WOAH!  We saw this before it happened, and when it happened?!!!  WOAH!  These new stores are on my plate now, and something else has to move off… and I don’t want that something else to be family time.

So… with that.  I bid you adieu.  Thank you for reading.  (Especially you, Aunt Marian.)

Before I go, let me end by saying, if you don’t know what to do for your mom for Mother’s Day… just go to WFM and you will win.  I photographed some of the ideas that I saw today:

IMG_5406 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5413 IMG_5415 IMG_5418 IMG_5426 IMG_5435 IMG_5438 IMG_5439


Including this thoughtful recipe:


and… it made my heart happy to walk around and see what creative folks came up with when they thought about what a mommy might like on the day that she gets to be celebrated.  Love your momma well.  Moms, you’re so important.

All My Love,

Laura Brooke Allen

Anwar AllenMoms, You Are So Important.

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