Living Off $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & A Hummus Recipe!


I read the “Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions” yesterday, and 3 of them included: Lose Weight, Get Out of Debt, & Save Money. ¬†This gave me a newfound sense of purpose for this blog effort- as it touches on these three things. It also got me thinking about why I love the Whole Foods Market SO much… why it’s worth … Read More

LaurelLeafLiving Off $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & A Hummus Recipe!

Unplanned Savings


We decided to go to Whole Foods Market without a grocery list, and instead buy one of every item on the Hot Deals! flyer. We scored this bounty for less than $85! ¬†(We did not buy the figs, as we had just gone fig picking the day before, or the coconut peanut butter, because of Anwar’s massively serious peanut allergies). … Read More

LaurelLeafUnplanned Savings