Gourmet Burger Bonanza


Within the last couple of months our daughter has lost 4 teeth.  As any parent knows, the tooth fairy rates have taken a slight increase.  Accounting for the rate of inflation we shelled out a whole 4 dollars for her efforts.  She was so excited with her dollar bills that every time we left the house she would say, “I’m … Read More

Anwar AllenGourmet Burger Bonanza

Guest Post From Dad: It’s a Date


When I pick my daughter up after 4 hours of kindergarten, I  can always count on her asking  “Are we going on a date? are we going to go out to eat?” Without fail  she asks every day, and forgets that we typically go out every other week. She’s not famished because we’ve sent her to school  with a lunch box full … Read More

LaurelLeafGuest Post From Dad: It’s a Date

Grandma’s First Trip to Whole Foods Market


I think it goes without saying that the topic of, “What shall we do for lunch?” came up more than once while Grandma and I watched Samaria’s 12 pm soccer game on Saturday. Immediately after the game, we experienced the joy of introducing Grandma to Whole Foods Market! As we slowly perused to store, tasting samples at every turn and … Read More

LaurelLeafGrandma’s First Trip to Whole Foods Market