Paying close attention to the well advertised One Day sales at Whole Foods Market is a savvy way to save some serious loot.  Like the recent $1 Organic Kale deal in honor of National Kale Day! So fun to go celebrate the abundance of this super food! Samples served up defying the common notion that Kale lacks charm. Au contrair! … Read More


How We Get Our 5 Year Old to Consume Large Quantities of Raw Kale!


Samaria shares the opinion of most 5 year olds on the topic of Kale. What I discovered about a year ago, however, is the power of some good old fashioned competition. Allens hate to lose.  Even the littlest of Allens.  So, why not use this quality as leverage to creatively up our phytochemical, vitamin, mineral, etc. etc uptake? The first … Read More

LaurelLeafHow We Get Our 5 Year Old to Consume Large Quantities of Raw Kale!

Gettin’ Our Vegan On


My husband put together this film that explains both the tremendous health and financial benefits of eating a plant based diet.  This film tailors that idea to shopping at Whole Foods Market in particular.  I did not expect to hear any new ideas, to tell you the truth, and found delight in learning quite a few unique tricks to shredding … Read More

LaurelLeafGettin’ Our Vegan On