Only $24.99: Very Generous Family Sized Portions: 1 Entree, 2 sides!!!


Could I just start by telling you how much I have come to love some of these Whole Foods Market gems?

We wuv them.


And… that’s a gift.

And, another gift comes from the behind the scenes folks that carefully created all of these options


for the $24.99 one entree and two sides deal!


Thanks to all of their hard work and culinary brilliance, we found it difficult to even decide.

IMG_2813 IMG_2816 IMG_2817 IMG_2820 IMG_2823 IMG_2822 IMG_2821

Anwar knew right away that he wanted the coconut chicken,


and consulted with his trusty advisor, Tim, for help with choosing the sides.


I’ve heard “Mmm.. Mmm!!” over the course of several meals the last couple of days.  This good cookin’ brought much joy our way!


It’s hard to get out of a restaurant that makes comparable dishes without spending $30 plus a tip these days… at least.  After a long day, it was not only a little entertaining, but it also felt very care free to walk into beautiful Whole Foods Market, and have thoughtful, delicious dishes just ready to go.



The Allens

PS I said I would let you know how the smoothie fast went.  It had it’s highs and lows.  Overall, incredibly positive experience.  We lasted 5 days.  (With a few bananas with sunflower butter thrown in).  I’d say one benefit is that Anwar has been loading up on veggies (ie. carrot selection), something that had kind of gone by the wayside around Thanksgiving up until this week.  So, he’s happy about that.  Peace, my friends.

Anwar AllenOnly $24.99: Very Generous Family Sized Portions: 1 Entree, 2 sides!!!

A Smoothie Cleanse!


I just got some lab reports back, and my liver is in need of a wee cleaning.  Dr. Katz & Dr. Bush at Revolution Health Center in Scottsville, VA have folks coming in from all over the country to get their health to an optimal level.  Reversing diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. has become almost common place in their work.  So- what was the prescription for my liver?  Medicine?  Nope!  A 3-7 day juice or smoothie fast!  Now, before I go any further, please note the obvious: this is my medically supervised journey.  Don’t go throwing your meds down the drain and then say, “well, that Whole Foods Market loving momma said…”  After that documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead came out, I very much longed to join the revolution!  And, I’d start with my juicer, and then… well, the COST!  I felt like this was for the wealthy.  People that don’t mind buying $2.99 worth of organic kale, sticking it in a juicer, and watching 1 inch of juice rise up while 3/4 of the vegetable ends up in the pulp bin.  So, when Dr. Katz said I could juice OR blend to achieve a lovely cleanse, I thought- AWESOME!  or RAWesome, rather!  My hubs decided to join me for the journey.


The frozen fruits that are in some of the recipes definitely keep the price down.


And, the vega one serving packs allowed us to purchase for one of the recipes without buying the entire tub of a product we haven’t ever personally experienced.


The dry bins helped with getting just what we needed as well.  Instead of buying a entire bag of cacao powder, for instance,


we could purchase the 2 T that the recipe calls for (recipes to follow!):


same with the dates,


and the acai berries, that our friend that you might recognize from the Christmas posts, Aubrey, helped us to locate.


I love all of this variety!  And, since we only needed 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger,


we only bought what we needed.


The 365 brand was the most competitively priced for the milks.

IMG_2747 IMG_2740

And, so, having what we needed for the recipes from Dr. Katz, we checked out.


We spent $93.25, and all of our food will get consumed in beautiful smoothies!  That’s cleansing on a budget!

Here are the recipes that we purchased these ingredients for:

Thai Green Smoothie

1/2 can light coconut milk, 1/2 c water, 1 c frozen mango, 3 c raw baby spinach, 1 tsp fresh grated ginger, 1 T fresh mint

Red Smoothie

1 generous T goji berries, 1/2 c fresh (we went with the organic frozen… it’s February…), 3 large strawberries, 1 c almond milk, 3 c raw baby spinach, T coconut oil, 3 hand fulls of swiss chard

Chocolate Goodness Smoothie

1/2 banana, 1/2 c frozen blueberries, 3 c raw baby spinach, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop VegaOne Chocolate, 2 T raw cocoa powder, 1 c water, handful of ice

Tropical Pineapple Papaya Smoothie

1/2 banana, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 papaya, 1/4 c pineapple (we bought frozen pineapple), 1 T ground flaxseed, 3 c raw baby spinach, 1 T coconut oil, 1 T hemp seeds

Almond and Kale Smoothie

2 c chopped kale, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1 T soaked raw almonds, 1 pitted date, T coconut oil

Green Smoothie

1.5 c filtered water, 1 c raw spinach, 1/2 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 1 small bunch of parsley, 2 cored green apples, 1/2 inch ginger, juice of one lime, 1.5 c ice

Pink Power Smoothie

1 c water or coconut water, 1/2 medium pitted avocado, 2 celery stalks, 1 c frozen strawberries, 1 small beet, 1 juiced lemon, 1 T coconut oil and 4 large ice cubes

We’ll let you know how it went next week!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenA Smoothie Cleanse!

Maintaining Financial AND Nutritional Goals While Fueling On The Go!


When I look at our financial goals every month, I make a silent goal to STOP eating OUT!  Or, just eat out ONCE!  I place value on the eating out experiences that signify something.  A celebration.  An intentional date to re-connect.  A reunion with a girlfriend that’s briefly back in town.  An event that invites us to play dress up.


I love playing dress-up.  Don’t you?


All good reasons.  The spending that I do hope to curtail involves the likes of: “Mom, I’m hungry!  No!  I mean HUNGRY!” and I have 3 more errands to run after school.  I look in my rearview mirror and see those big brown eyes pleading, and… swipe.  Swipe $ swipe $, $ all gone.  Or, the struggle that has come now that I have set my face to make the whole foods vegan (sans white flour and sugar) lifestyle the way I eat.  Like… indefinitely.  I generally find tremendous joy eating this way.  The downside of this decision comes at moments like cashing in my husband’s Christmas gift card to Red Lobster.  Yes, I love being out with him.  We had the best conversation we had had all week.  It’s just the menu.  Oh my goodness!  So, I ordered a side salad, hold the croutons, a baked potato with salsa, a side of steamed broccoli and a side of steamed asparagus.  And I drank a ton of lemon water.  I left full and happy, especially, of course, because of all of the face to face time I had with my man.  The thing is… we had several hours of errands that followed that meal, and that full feeling left very soon there after.  Two hours later, as Anwar and I sat at Barnes & Noble waiting for Samaria’s Birthday Party to end next door, the weak feeling started to set in.  I don’t know about you non-emotional, highly rational, extremely organized and systematic types.  When I get hungry, I’m not entirely sure that armageddon has not set in.  I mean, forget the verse, “Do not sin in your anger.”  The Laura Translation reads, “Do not sin in your HUNGER!”  My emotional IQ starts getting super low, and I read motives and intentions behind simple words like, “No, I don’t like that book” as “Have you always been so short and smelled a little off?”  And then the internal struggle begins.  Do I spend $ AGAIN to eat something that will balance me out, or do I just… sit hear feeling like I just lost my best friend in this world, a world which incidentally feels like it just started spinning?  In that instance, when I knew that I had some more living as an adult to do, and this emotional storm going on inside of me had to get snuffed out, I went next door and ordered $13 after tip worth of pad thai with tofu, hold the egg.  Swipe $ swipe $, no more $.  It’s those purchases.  The purchases made more out of a certain necessity to live as a reasonable and kind wife, friend, and mother- than a time set a part to build relationships- that change the way I view the $13.  You with me?  The same meal, eaten at red lights while in a rush to where ever, isn’t worth the money that it is worth when eaten at a table with someone I love.   Which brings me to say… I am thankful for Whole Foods Market.  And here is one of many reasons why:

Yesterday, Samaria and I had several errands after school.  Drop off the car for an inspection, pay the library fee and pick out some more books across town, do a photo shoot for this here blog, and then home to make dinner.  By the time we got to WFM, and the dark cold air got shut out behind us, her relentless, “Mom, I’m so hungry.  I’m hungry.  I’m hungry” drowned out my thoughts.  “Yeah, me too.”  And then I started to think, “What is the least expensive way that I can find filling, nutritious and delicious food to eat, especially if we have a big salad when we get home instead of what I make Anwar?”  And then… I thought… hmm… I think I’ll write about this moment in life instead!  If it’s the area of finance that I have thought about quite a bit lately, surely it’s something others ponder as well.  Surely I’m not the only one that thinks errands take less time than they do and doesn’t always pack just the right snacks to sustain everyone along the way!  And that the Dollar Menu is the most expensive menu in town when we look at the long term effects of such convenience!  Surely this must be the case!

And so, to the prepared foods we go!  Hello, Onaing!  Lovely to see you today!


Would you mind if we only ordered 1/4 pound of each of these?


My little one likes egg salad, and I dig your vegan chicken salad, and we are going to enjoy it here!


Hmm… let’s see which chips are on sale.  There’s always something that’s going for $2 to $2.50 a bag.

IMG_2243 IMG_2246 IMG_2248

Eight extra grams of protein in the $2.00 vegan quinoa chips!  Get in my cart!

Now, for something to sip.  We could use some water to enjoy while we dine.  What’s the lowest price? 50 cents a bottle. That’ll do!


How about a roll to make it special?  89 cents each!  Thank you!


Hello, Rebecca!  Thanks for being a friend along the way.  She heard me mumble something disparaging to myself about not being organized enough and said, “Hey!  Don’t be so hard on yourself!  So today had some less than perfect moments!  Tomorrow will be better!  Be nice to yourself!”  Aww… blessings upon this sweet cashier:


$9.15 for two, totally in line with my nutritional plan,


delicious meals to keep us energized for the rest of the days tasks?


Plates, utensils, eventual hot sauce for my “chicken” salad made possible by this corner of hospitality:


Some unexpected time set apart to look into the eyes of this cutie.


Now that’s an alternative way to make some money stretch, not be super hungry an hour later, and keep those moods right where they need to stay in order to be a Mommy to this petite gift I call my daughter.

Have a Spectacular, Well Fueled, Kind to Yourself & Others Week!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenMaintaining Financial AND Nutritional Goals While Fueling On The Go!

Research and Compile a Complete Shopping List For Sales and Recipes In Under 2 Minutes!


I downloaded the free Whole Foods Market app this week


and… it’s kind of amazing.  I chose my store


and clicked on the sales


to find that one of my favorite staples is currently on sale!


And so are five pound bags of organic apples! See that little orange box with the check and plus in it?


I clicked on that,


added it to my list entitled “VeganBabyVegan”


and then, having picked out the sales items I might be interested in, I put “vegan” in the search bar at the recipes section.


Forty One recipes came up!


The Tempeh and Veggie Lasagna & the Vegan Pumpkin Bread looked like some awesome recipes.  So I clicked on each of those


and instead of writing down each ingredient,


I just hit “Add All”


And, wala!  My shopping list forms!


I could put in “Gluten Free” or “Paleo” or one ingredient that is on sale, and a similar list would form.  I sat in the cafe munching my salad, fork in my right hand, phone in my left scrolling and clicking my shopping list.  When it was done, in like 2 minutes… I still had so much salad to go!  I had to just… relax!  Woah!  It also lists the events to look forward to:

IMG_9189 IMG_9190 IMG_9191  IMG_9192

As I started to take the steps to turn the vision into a reality, I thought I’d mention that one way I save some dough is to buy the small containers of fresh herbs when a recipe calls for something that I don’t see myself using beyond the one dish.  Like thyme…




on the other hand, has so many nutritional benefits,

that I make an effort to eat an entire bundle of that or cilantro every week.  I put it in smoothies, on top of pastas and soups, pull out a branch and munch on it just because I opened the fridge.  It’s a powerful plant!  So, I don’t mind buying more than the recipe calls for!  The groceries (5 lbs of organic apples not shown, though included in final price)


came out to $39.75


which is pretty great considering I re-stocked some on sale staples and have ingredients for two new, crazy healthy (the pumpkin bread is sweetened by dates instead of sugar!) recipes that will make up several meals for me and my loves.  If you’re like me, you’re slow to give new technology a whirl.  “I’d download that app, but then I’d have to learn how to use it” is why I generally evade such things.  Honestly though, this is a pretty incredible, time saving tool (and I pretty much just showed you everything there is to know about operating this app.)  Being armed with a list meant that I didn’t just buy and hope it worked out financially and meal wise.

Rapid weekly meal planning and sale findin?  Uhm, yes, please!

Hope you found this useful!

Have a Spectacular Week!

The Allen Family

Anwar AllenResearch and Compile a Complete Shopping List For Sales and Recipes In Under 2 Minutes!

How To Increase Your Savings On A Whole Foods Market Sale By An Additional 10%





Did you know that if one of your favorite items is on sale, you can buy it by the case and STILL get an ADDITIONAL 10% off??!!  True fact.  See that number to the left of the bar code, right under the “ce” in “ounce”?  That “12” tells you how many units make up a case.  If you forget that fact, just ask a team member to help you when you arrive at the store.

I did a google search to find the benefits of kombucha

so that I could share with you why I would be compelled to buy this particular item by the case.


Truth be told, I bought two cases, and have enjoyed one a day!  The above photo is of the remaining second case.  I bought one of every flavor! While I was looking for an image of the benefits, I learned that celebrities are frequently seen toting these around.  Like Meg Ryan,

Jake Gyllenhaal,

and Matthew McConaughey.

Since I’m repping the young families on young family budgets here, let me state the obvious: I equate that original $3.29 price point with luxury in a way that these healthy-food-loving-folks just… very likely… do not.

So, when I see something that reaps the benefit that a product like these do go on sale, it’s just such a gift!  And, I can’t tell you how much joy it has brought me to open my fridge and see the shelf lined with so many fun flavors to experience- an enjoyment that is increased exponentially by the knowledge that it’s so good for us.

The 10% on top of the sale made them $1.80 a bottle instead of $3.29!!  WOW!

Cheers to all of the peops that say, “Can anyone really shop at Whole Foods on a budget?” when I tell them about this blog.  Yes, you really, really can!

Have A Spectacular Week!

The Allen Family

Anwar AllenHow To Increase Your Savings On A Whole Foods Market Sale By An Additional 10%

Rest In Knowing That Your Guests Will Love This Meal!


I love having people that I love over.  It’s a gift to be able to make something delicious for folks that we care for, and for that meal to be a vehicle to get us around a table looking at one another’s faces, listening to stories.  My favorite part is when dinner is over, and everyone pushes their plates towards the middle of the table, and just stays seated so they can visit with one another.  A bit of heaven on earth.  Though I feel quite passionate about this, I don’t always feel so inspired about choosing what to make and serve.  I suppose, as with everything, the more I do it the less uncomfortable it will be.  When in doubt, there’s one old faithful that I can count on: Lasagna and Garlic Bread with a Side Salad.  Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down to this in front of them?


Our guests certainly did this past Sunday.  We served it with this beautiful side salad,


thanks to Team Member, Kara Dawson, who suggested this recipe when I told her what I was shopping for… and when she saw clementines in my cart.  It added a touch of elegance- something that does not have to necessarily be expensive.  The Blueberry Vinaigrette,


the pistachios (purchase as little as you’d like in the bulk section) and clementine


come together beautifully


when tossed through the greens.  I saved myself some time by purchasing the frozen garlic bread that we have tried and loved in the past.


To make the lasagna, I went very simple.



Follow 365 brand package instructions for boiling noodles.  Set the oven to 350 degrees.

Brown one pound of meat.  Add 2 jars of 365 brand marinara sauce, and simmer for 10 minutes.

In one bowl, mix 1/4 c chopped fresh Italian parsley, 16 oz ricotta, and 1/2 c parmesan.

Once noodles are done, put 1/3 of meat on bottom of lasagna pan.  Layer 4-5 noodles over top.  Put 1/2 Ricotta mixture over noodles, then 4 oz shredded 365 brand mozzarella, 1/3 meat, another layer of noodles, and repeat!  Put last 8 oz mozzarella on top (purchase the 16 oz 365 brand bag).  Cover with tin foil and bake for 30 minutes.

Take tin foil off and let the cheese melt for 10 minutes at the end.

I assembled the lasagna the night before so that I could be restful when our guests arrived.  It also allowed the sauce and meat to get married.  :-)

Like soups, and many other casserole type dishes, it really does taste better the next day!



With something so simple and delicious the intimidation factor of having friends over is eliminated, and all that’s left is the opportunity to enjoy one another!  The 365 brand, yet again, shines here as it allows a young family like ourselves to create wholesome meals at a cost that competes with any conventional supermarket out there.  All with very few, all actual food, ingredients on the label.  Win!

I hope you’re inspired to make some time to open your home up to others.


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenRest In Knowing That Your Guests Will Love This Meal!

How To Make Vegetables Delicious!

In high school, my family became good friends with our new neighbors, one of whom had just graduated first in his class at The Culinary Institute of America.  Dominic had a profound influence on my life.  I would soak up everything he took the time to teach me in terms of culinary beauty like an eager, dry sponge!  His vegetables amazed me the most during the dinners shared by our families.  I didn’t see those frozen bricks of spinach that hold their shape when the box get ripped off, or mushy, nutrient drained sautéed yellow squash and zucchini, or broccoli boiled to the point that the tips yellow.  …The reason children worldwide push their veggies around their plate with their sad faces rested in one hand, with much as possible hidden in their napkins.  No, not at these dinners!  I tasted the sweetness and unique flavor of grilled and roasted veggies, representing the rainbow in full.


All of the vegetables that I thought looked so beautiful, and interesting- like red radishes with the cute green stems and brussel sprouts on their tall stalks.  These vegetables just don’t do so well boiled.  You know?

The fact is, roasting and grilling veggies could not be simpler.  Just pour some sunflower oil (not toxic under high heat like olive oil, and really keeps the veggies from sticking to the pan) in a big bowl, add some fresh ground sea salt and ground pepper, and you can toss to coat every veggie I can think of.  I just thought of celery.  I don’t know about celery.  Once you get this basic down, you can get creative- add some mustard to the bottom of the bowl for brussels and pumpkin pie spice for sweet potato.  Friends, you haven’t had a green bean until you have had a roasted green bean!  I turn the oven to 375 degrees and flip them a couple of times until they’re looking lightly browned.  This is 10-40 minutes, depending on the density of the veggie.  This gives it time to release the flavor.  And then I turn it to broil for 2-3 minutes to get some crispy texture going on.  This works for kale chips as well!


The simple things in life strike hard as the most beautiful once again.  I hope that as you read through this post, you find yourself growing in boldness at the store.  If a vegetable looks beautiful, and you’re scared to buy it because you are not sure what to do with it, I hope you find a certain cadence in the kitchen with the full variety out there.  I hated radishes until I had roasted radishes!  All of the sugar replaces that bite!  I always peel my beets and put the slices in tin foil without oil


like I did with this candy cane striped one.


Samaria said these tasted like honey!  Bake on 375 for 40 minutes.

My little sister and I found the most delight in the plates piled high with artichokes.  Not stuffed artichokes with crispy breaded tops, just a humble plate of artichokes that inspires so much conversation, each peel dipped into a little side of balsamic vinegar.  He taught us his secret.  Fill a medium pot with 3 inches of water, use scissors to cut off the stem and all of the pointy tips, and stand a few of them up next to one another, drizzle olive oil over top and grind salt and pepper.  Steam until the leaf comes out easily with a little tug.  If the water gets low, add some so you don’t scorch the bottom.  Enjoy with a side of balsamic or sherry vinegar

IMG_0028 2

and watch your family enjoy them


every bit as much


as you do!


If I can encourage a love for vegetables in my child


I feel like I have done one thing extremely well.


I hope that she lights a passion in her college apartments in years to come- teaching her apartment mates how to love veggies.  Go, child, go!  Lead a revolution!

Have a spectacular week!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenHow To Make Vegetables Delicious!

A Burrito You Can Trust.


It grieves my heart when I think about the food industry.  I felt good about spending $10 on a burrito that boasts quality ingredients coming from a source that sustainably raises their livestock, and yet, I keep reading about controversies concerning the integrity of this claim made by this massively popular chain.  Or, “Hey!  Five dollars for a footlong sandwich with all these veggies?  …Oh, Yoga Mat in the bread?  Huh…”  I think about the different world that my little one is being raised in compared to the one my grandparents raised their children in.  ab79ac3c7ae4879e8a3967d628532731

Instead of pulling the car into a restaurant parking lot on those no-time-to-cook nights, why wouldn’t I just stop at Whole Foods Market to nourish my family, instead of poison them?


Crazy competitive prices, lots of options to choose from,


who doesn’t love a press?,


Tofu, please!,


fix that baby up!,

IMG_1584 IMG_1586 IMG_1591



Done already?


Thanks, Mike!

We can’t do everything, and this season calls for much more than our usual day to day, so… we can allow a little help from a place that would never- ever- everrrrrrr put dye & High Fructose Corn Syrup in our food.  No need to even bother reading the ingredients.

One less thing to concern ourselves with.  That’s a win!

Have an Awesome Week!!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenA Burrito You Can Trust.

Homemade Raw Hot Chocolate


I stepped out of my own kitchen, and had a visit at the home of Team Member, Aubrey O’Hara, to capture her assembling a Hot Cocoa Bar with these ingredients:


IMG_0403 IMG_0409

The little touches of detail really brought in some Christmas cheer…


To make the recipe for Aubrey’s Homemade Raw Hot Chocolate, first bring 4.5 cups of your favourite kind of milk to a light boil (the one we enjoyed used almond milk).


Whisk in 1/2 c coconut sugar or maple syrup,


1 T of vanilla extract,


1/2 t salt,


1/2 t cinnamon,


and 1/2 t of cayenne (optional).


Stir with whisk


until all ingredients are thoroughly combined.


Have a wee taste with a one use spoon,


bring it all together,




and enjoy with the ones you love!


Hard to believe that something so decadent could have a massive nutritional boost, however I learned from Aubrey that “Raw Cacao (unprocessed cocoa) is one of the best sources of magnesium found in nature, in addition to containing high amounts of calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulfur and potassium”!!  As you give way to the unmatched decadence


of this beautiful season, know in your heart that Raw Cacao holds its own on the Super Foods List!

May you have the Merriest of Christmases!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenHomemade Raw Hot Chocolate

Did You Know That For Every Tree You Purchase at Whole Foods Market, A Tree Gets Planted In a National or State Forest?

I think that as many of us get older, we start to think differently about Christmas trees.  I know that I’ve asked myself if it’s fair, in the face of one forest after another turning into a parking lot, subdivision, or shopping strip all over this great Nation, to cut down one more tree— to enjoy for one month.  I mean, Hello!  Did anyone see the Lorax?  The years that we supported kind, hard working, local tree farmers alleviated that guilt.  I like thinking about them having their pockets lined just before Christmas, and we obviously enjoyed the whole cut-it-down-ourselves experience:


The tree firmly strapped on top, about to get in the car, But First!  Let Us Take An Ussie!


Followed by what seemed like the obvious natural progression to Samaria at the time of putting on a swimsuit to get to decorating:


I once read that instead of trying to do every single Christmas tradition, every single year- think about all of the consecutive years as a single unit.  So, one year time might be on your side, and driving out to the country to find a tree is perfect.  The next year, you might be- oh, say- launching a new business on top of your current business, and… while presented with the same thought of “How can I choose a tree well?”, it might also be followed by “in a timely fashion.”

Whole Foods Market to the rescue!


When we purchase one of these exceptionally beautiful 7-8 foot trees like the one Joseph is holding up, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in a state or national forest!  (Mural below done by a local artist named Ula)


Doesn’t that just make your heart warm?  It does mine.  :-)

Yesterday, I had the joy of visiting Aubrey, a Marketing Team Member, at her home!


Having recently purchased a WFM tree herself


we got to know one another while I shot some photos as she decorated!  I enjoyed hearing the stories that came to mind as the afternoon unfolded.  Like, the memory of Aubrey’s mother-in-law gifting her with these icicles,


that she hung on the tree with care.


I found it fruitful to get a commentary on what was so obviously her Gift for decorating.  She, for instance, enjoys purchasing (and collecting a few of her own)


pinecones to add to her tree.


She noted that they’re not only inexpensive, but they also make the tree look… more like a tree!  I love opening our Christmas box and seeing ornaments that elicit memories


and it was cool to experience that through Aubrey’s eyes.



She got this festive elephant at WFM this year,


as well as these additive free candy canes


which make us moms feel better when presented with the daily question of, “Can I have one of the candy canes?”

Final touches in place,


she woke up her faithful friend


for the grand finale!


I like thinking about her new husband coming home from work to this surprise!  May they cherish their moments together amidst the beauty of this season.

And I hope that you do as well!


The Allen Family

Anwar AllenDid You Know That For Every Tree You Purchase at Whole Foods Market, A Tree Gets Planted In a National or State Forest?