Simple, Delightful Vegan Butternut & Apple Soup!


Do you ever find yourself gazing at the the beautiful, inexpensive squash- go to pick one up, and then stop yourself… as you shudder at the memory of the last time?  The last time it’s hard skin caused you to question whether or not the university made a mistake in issuing you a degree… how could so much time pass … Read More

Anwar AllenSimple, Delightful Vegan Butternut & Apple Soup!

Bringing Vibrant Colors to February


I write to you from 3.5 days into the 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge. Though we started a few days ago, we decided to save some $ by living off of our inventory for a few days instead of heading straight to the grocery store.  The Plant Strong diet consists of many of the foods that we have in our … Read More

LaurelLeafBringing Vibrant Colors to February

Laura’s Keep-Calm-and-Decorate-On Chili

chili pic

You know that space of time between Thanksgiving and getting the tree up?  When the rest of the world seems to have it all together, even my husband who wowed me with his Christmas Spirit when he took it upon himself to film, learn and record the bass line to the music, and compile that which very evidently came to … Read More

LaurelLeafLaura’s Keep-Calm-and-Decorate-On Chili

Grandma’s First Trip to Whole Foods Market


I think it goes without saying that the topic of, “What shall we do for lunch?” came up more than once while Grandma and I watched Samaria’s 12 pm soccer game on Saturday. Immediately after the game, we experienced the joy of introducing Grandma to Whole Foods Market! As we slowly perused to store, tasting samples at every turn and … Read More

LaurelLeafGrandma’s First Trip to Whole Foods Market